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ABCCC Rank(s)
Current Location
ABCCC Duties

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Abbott, Thomas 70-71 Capt Unknown
Moonbeam Intel


Adams, Jim "Griz" Jun86 - Dec89 Capt Bear, DE

Antonow, Randy  "Rat" Jun95-Sep02 TSgt Kirtland AFB, NM

Appleby, Pat 69-70 Ssgt Magnolia, TX
Hillsboro Intel

Apgar, Fred Mar69 - Mar70 1Lt Centerport, NY

Ash, Rolland 70-71 LtCol  Unknown
Moonbeam DABS


Askounes, Joe 68-72 SSgt Unknown
Avery, William Apr96-Nov99 AB-SrA Tinker AFB, OK
ARNO 1977
Untitled Document


Bailey, Larry 69-70/79-83 MSgt St. Petersburg Beach, FL
Cricket AAC

Baker, Don  68-69   Unknown
Moonbeam Controller


Barnes, Robert T.  68-69 CMSgt Unknown
NCOIC - Ground Intel


Barber, JoAnn 86-90 SSgt Pittsburgh, PA
Flight Engineer 1962
Barnard, Vince Apr94-Dec99 TSgt Okalahoma City, OK
Radio Operator / Scanner 1960
Barthe', Alex 92-97 Capt Warner Robins AFB, GA

Basalisco, Joe 70-71 TSgt Unknown
Alleycat Flight Engineer   Hurlburt Field in Gunships after ABCCC?
Basel, Gene I. 77-78 LtCol San Antonio, TX
Alleycat Orbit Commander 1934 No Email
Bates, David A  1971 SSgt Abilene, TX

Baxter, George (Budda)     Unknown


Betsch, Jeff 77-78 / 79-80 SSgt Alpharetta, GA
AMT (77-78) FE (79-80) 1951 
Bickel, Jonathan 80-89 MSgt/SMSgt Gautier, MS
Flight Engineer 1944 
Bills, Jim 80-89 SMSgt Nashville, TN

Black, Marion A. (Al) 87-94 Major-LtCol Pentagon
AWC, BSOO, IAWC, IBSOO, Alleycat Flt CC, Squadron ADO

Blake, Al 69-70 Colonel Unknown
Squadron Commander    
Booten, Charles E. 83-86 2Lt / 1Lt Hurlburt Field, FL
AWC 1960 
Bortz, Ken Jul69 - Dec72 SSgt Germany
Moonbeam TTY

Boucher, Joe 70-71 TSgt Unknown
Moonbeam Radio    
Boyd, John 71-72 Capt Unknown
Aircraft Commander


Brady, Steve 70-71 SSgt Colorado Springs, CO
Radio Operator 1939 Not Specified
Brown, Steven B 91-99 SSgt Warner Robins AFB, GA
Radio Operator

Brown, Steven W 94-02 TSgt Warner Robins AFB, GA
Instructor - Senior Strike Controller

Brug, Walter 1980's? LtCol Departed

 This info came from 

Brummet, Jack D. 70-71 LtCol Austin, TX
Hillsboro DABS 1929
Buffo, JMike 69-70 Capt Not Specified
Hillsboro Pilot

Burger, Jason M. Mar95-Aug98 Sgt Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ

Burris, Bernie Dec01-Jul02 TSgt Tinker AFB, OK
Strike Controller

Butson, Dave (AKA Bunky, Butso) 72-73 SSgt/TSgt Ft. Davis, TX
Hillsboro Controller

Untitled Document


Calmes, Diane Feb80 - Sep78 GS4 Diamondhead, MS
Travel Pay - CBPO Keesler

Caparaso, Jim (Cappy) Feb72-Mar73 Sgt Flagler City, FL
Acft Maint / Crew Chief 1952
Cash, Clay Jan87-Jun91 1Lt-Capt
Cricket AIO / SEFE 1962
Carpenter, John 70-71 SSgt Maryland
Crypto Operator 1942 Not Specified
Carucci, Mike 71-72 Niceville, FL
Moonbeam Controller 1940
Catlin, Howard R. 72 Col Bountiful Utah
Alleycat Orbit Commander


Updated by Ken Witkin - No EMail address for the Cat.
Cherry, Bill Aug92-Dec96 SSgt Barnesville, GA

Chun, Stephen 69-70 Capt Montgomery, AL
Cricket Controller 1945
Clower, Kenny 78-83 / 85-93 MSgt Lake Wales, FL
Radio Operator / Instructor / FE

Cobb, Tom 78-84 MSgt D'Iberville MS 

Cole, Jo Vonnie 79-83 1Lt Alexandria, VA
Squadron Intel 1956
Collins, Richard 74-76/80-83 SSgt/TSgt Warner Robins, GA
Radio 1946
Combs, Don 85-89 LtCol Niceville, FL
DABS 1938
Connelly, Walt May72 - May73 Sgt Orlando, FL
Alleycat / Cricket TTY

Conner, Herb 91-97 TSgt Warner Robins, GA

Conway 68-69 TSgt Unknown


Combs, Donald R. 85-89 LtCol Niceville, FL
DABS 1938 
Cooksey, Gene 70-71 / 72-73 Sgt Colorado Springs, CO
Capsule Maint Trump, Alleycat, Hillsboro 1949 
Crabtree, Eric  Bio 80-85 Capt Scott AFB, IL
Pilot 1952 
Crain, Kenneth 91-98 TSgt Kadena AB, Okinawa Japan
EAIT 1964 
Creamer, Bill 71-72 Capt Kissimmee, FL
Alleycat Intel 1945 
Crawford, David 74-77 Capt Seattle, WA
Navigator 74-77
Cruz, Nick 95-00 SSgt Portland, OR
IASC 1969 
Culwell, Talmudge E. 89-93 SMSgt Biloxi, MS
First Sergeant 1949
Curtin, Gary 71-72 Capt Fairfax Station, VA
Cricket Intel / Dep Chf Squadron Intel 
Culp, Nancy 90's SSgt Unknown
AIT Unk Last known Nancy was going to school in the Las Vegas area. (Info from Kenneth Sparks)
Untitled Document


Dannenmueller, Bill (Danny) 74-88 TSgt-SMSgt Biloxi, MS
Alleycat Radio Operator 1943
Davies, Albert D 70-71 LtCol Austin, TX
Hillsboro DABS 1930 No EMail - Info came from Ron Keplinger
Birthyear Updated by Ken Witkin
Davis 68-69 Capt Unknown
Moonbeam Controller    
Davis, Norman A 94-02 MSgt-SMSgt Tinker AFB, OK
Senior Strike Controller 1955
Deasey, Larry 69-70 SSgt-TSgt San Antonia, TX
Crew Chief 62-1820 1946 Not Specified
Del Toro, Robert (Taco) 91-94 Capt Tyndall AFB, FL
Alleycat AIO / SEFE 1958 
deMarino, Rocky 72-73 Major Vacaville, CA
Moonbeam Nav/Squadron Nav SEFE 1933
DeRusha, Dennis (Denny) 69-70 TSgt St. Cloque, MN
Moonbeam Controller 1937
Dickerson 68-69 1Lt Unknown
Moonbeam Controller    
Dixon, Ike Mar82-Sep92 SSgt-MSgt Orlando, FL
ACST (RO), Flight Superintendent 1952 
Doherty, Tony Jul77-Oct85 CMSgt Plano, TX
Cricket RO 1937 
Doiron, Mark D. 70-72/74-82/84-96 SSgt-CMSgt Midwest City, OK
Radio Maint/AMT 1949
Dovalo, Enrique 00-02 1Lt-Capt Maxwell AFB, AL
AIO / Chief, Squadron Intel 1974
Downing, Gregory 87-90 TSgt Pentagon, D.C.
Cricket  1958 
Doyle, Joe (Phestr) 96-02 SSgt Oklahoma City, OK
Senior Strike Controller 1974 
Drinkwater, Vaughn 68-69 TSgt Tonto Basin, AZ
Moonbeam Intel 1936 
Drozd, Patrick Nov94-Jun98 SrA Tinker AFB, OK
ARNO/AAC 1973 
Duncan, Marc 99-00 Maj/LtCol Beale AFB, CA
Navigator 1960 
Dunlap, Richard (Dick) 73-82 MSgt-CMSgt Saucier, MS
NCOIC Hillsboro, Alleycat
Stan/Eval, Supt of Operations
Dunlop, Van Apr68-Jan70 SSgt Tracy, CA
Hillsboro Intel 1945 
Untitled Document


Edwards, Greg 82-85 SSgt Unknown
AWC Unk  
Efting, Warren L 71-72 LtCol Arlington, VA
Alleycat DABS 1928 No Computer, No EMail Address - Found by Ken Witkin
Ehrhart, John E. 83-89 SSgt McLoud, OK
AAC/IARC 1954 John - Send me you EMail again. I screwed it up. gh
Ellis, Keith (Weasel) 89-96 Unk Chesapeake, VA
AWD 1957 
Everitt, Vic Jan73 - Aug 80 SSgt Niceville, FL
Radio Operator/TTY 1956
Untitled Document


Falls, Johnny 68-69 LtCol San Antonio, TX
Mission Commander 1924
Fenstermaker, Eric 82-85 Capt Edmund, OK
Not Specified 1956
Fernandez, Daniel Oct77 - Jun83 MSgt Angeles City, P.I. (Clark AB)
Cricket Stan Eval 1940 
Fisher, Carrol 88-93 LtCol Biloxi, MS
DABS 1940
Fitch, Wilbur 68-69 TSgt Unknown
Moonbeam Controller    
Fitzgerald, William J. (Fitz) Aug72-Aug73 SSgt Hampton, VA
Moonbeam Intel 1945 Forgot to send.  He'll see this and send it...
Fitzgerald, Terry 89-01 TSgt Little Rock AFB, AR
Crew Chief (62-1857)
Flowers, Kenneth 77-78 LtCol Unknown
Cricket DABS    
Folkdahl, Nels 71-72 SSgt Decorah, IA
Radio Operator 1940 Not Specified
Foote, James E. 71 Capt Unknown
Alleycat AWC    
Ford, Janet (White) 84-85 SSgt/TSgt Nampa, ID
Orderly Room 
Frederrickson, Sonata 92-95 TSgt Dahlgren, VA
AMT 1956 
Fredrickson, Russell 70-71 LtCol / Col Unknown
Moonbeam DABS    
Untitled Document


Gallon, Donn 95-97 SSgt Centralia, WA
ARNO 1963
Geiger, Helmuth 68-69 LtCol Wildwood, CA
Hillsboro Crew Commander 1925
Gentile, Frank 67-70 TSgt-MSgt Alamogordo, NM
Senior Controller 1936
Gilbert, Ty 00-02 Capt Not Specified
AIO 1972
Giles, Bill Dec73 - Sep77 MSgt Grand Prairie, TX
Moonbeam Controller 1937 
Gonzales, Eloy 96-02 TSgt-MSgt Kirtland AFB, NM
Strike Controller 1961
Gosnell, William T. circa 1984 LtCol Departed*

*This info came from Francis Mitchell 

Gould, Bill Oct67-Apr68 Sgt Plymoth, MA
Cricket Intel 1946 
Grace, Joel 86-91 / 95-00 SSgt / TSgt Boston, MA
Graham, Doug 86-89 Major Langley AFB, VA
Alleycat BSOO 1945 
Green, Ronald E. 85-87 SSgt-TSgt Miami, FL
Alleycat Intel / Ground Intel 1958 
Green, William J. 71-72 TSgt Spartanburg, SC
Flight Engineer Alleycat/Trump 1937
Guibert, Allan 69-70 MSgt Melbourne, FL
NCOIC Hillsboro Radio 1927
Gryska, Frank G. 72-73 LtCol Unknown
Alleycat DABS    
Groeninger 72-73 Major Unknown
Untitled Document


Haefner, Michael D. Nov83-May89 2Lt thru Capt 374th OSS 
Navigator 1946 
Hall, Hap Late 70s MSgt Departed - Sacremento
Hall, Ron 93-00 TSgt Colorado
Ground Intel 1941
Hall, Ron 93-00 SSgt-TSgt Kirtland AFB, NM
Airborne Intel Tech 1968 
Hammer, John M. 1976 LtCol Unknown
Alleycat DABS    
Hanny, Jim - Bio Jan-Dec71 1Lt / Capt Lake Geneva, WI
Alleycat Pilot - Aircraft Commander 1946 
Harrell, Wiley R. (Bob) 70-72 / 76-78 SSgt / TSgt San Antonio, TX
Alleycat Controller/Trainer, Keesler: Controller / Stan Eval 1941 
Harris, Hugh 72-73 TSgt Unknown
Alleycat/Cricket Controller Unk 
Hart, Bill Jul74 - Aug 78 A1C-SSgt Woodbridge, VA/Pentagon
AIT 1953 
Hay, Frank 95-99 Capt Tucson, AZ
BSOO 1964
Hayes, Blake 86-00 TSgt Melbourne, FL (JSTARS)
Alleycat AAC 1959 
Hart, Diane Jun74 - Jul78 A1C-SSgt Woodbridge, VA
Orderly Room 1954 
Hawley, Douglas R. 70-71 1Lt / Capt Unknown
Moonbeam Intel    
Heater, Lee 70-71 LtCol Phoenix, AZ
Hillsboro CC / DABS 1923`
Hedges, Lawrence 71-72 Capt Unknown
Moonbeam Intel    

Helin, Scott


TSgt Juffair, Bahrain
AIT Stan Eval


Helland, Larry


TSgt LaPlata, MD
Alleycat CSO


Henderson, Arne


1Lt Unknown
Moonbeam Controller



Henderson, Jackie

Nov68 - Nov69

MSgt Lanark Village, FL
27490 Controller


Herazo, Kenneth


SSgt Tinker AFB, OK
Strike Controller


Hess, Robert W.


Capt Unknown
Alleycat AWC


Submitted by Bob Harrell

Hilsheimer, Gene  - Bio

Jul69 - Dec72

Sgt / SSgt Panama City, FL
Moonbeam Intel


Hogue, Jerry


Col Departed, Virginia
Squadron Commander


This info from Steve Littlefield

Holland, Jerry


Sgt Unknown
Alleycat (?) Intel



Holmes, Vicky (now Zimmerman)


Capt Albuquerque, NM
Cricket AIO


Hopkins, Rob


SSgt  Bellevue, NE


Hopper, Paul


1Lt Forrest City, AR
Cricket Controller


Howard, Michael J. (Mike)


TSgt Virginia
AIT Instructor / Alt AIT SEFE


Not pecified by member
Horning, Steve 99-02 SSgt-TSgt Robins AFB, GA

Hudgens, Ray 83-93 SSgt/TSgt Langley AFB, VA
Moonbeam AAC/ASC/SEFE 1960 
Humphries, Don 71-72 / 78-81 SSgt / MSgt Biloxi, MS
Alleycat/Hillsboro/Moonbeam Controller 1941 
Hurd, William H Jr 72-73 LtCol Claremore OK
Pilot 1932
Hurd, Dick 72-73 SSgt Departed - 1990
Cricket Unknown If you have additional info, please Email 
Husky, Don Keesler Years Unknown Departed
Unknown Unknown If you have additional info, please Email 
Untitled Document


Isleib, Henry (Ish) Dec82-Apr85 Capt Lilongwe, Malawi
Weapons Controller 1949
Irvin, William, (Bill) 77-79 SSgt Las Vegas, NV
Teletype 1951 
Untitled Document


Jamison, Jeff 01-02 SrA Moody AFB, GA
Radio Operator 1979 
Jay, Don 70-71 2Lt Henderson, NC
Moonbeam Intel
Jiran, Eric May91-Feb96 TSgt Tucson, AZ
Avionic Matinenance 1962
Johnson, Andre' 85-82 / 92-94 SrA/SSgt Arlington, VA
AAC/IAAC 1961 
Jensen, Brian 01-02 A1C Alaska
AMT 1982 
Jensen, Nathan 91-93 / 97-00 A1C / SSgt Okinawa
Crew Chief / Flight Engineer 1971 
Untitled Document


Kanofsky, Stuart May68 - Aug70 SSgt Gainesville, FL
TTY  1944 
Kamin, Jeff 86-89 SSgt Peoria, AZ
AAC 1959 
Kari, D 72-73 Maj Unknown
Karki, Guv 70-71 Maj Unknown
Squadron Intel    
Katchusky, Bill Dec70-Dec72 Sgt Debary, FL
Capsule Maint / System Maint 1948 
Kennedy, Robert C 72 Capt Unknown
Kenny, James L. 68-69 TSgt  
Cricket Flight Engineer 1939 
Keplinger, Rondall 70-71 TSgt Lawrenceburg, KY
Hillsboro TTY/Stan Eval 1937 
Kirkendahl, John 70-71 MSgt Departed
NCOIC, Hillsboro Operations
This information reported by Ken Witkin
Kirkland, Mike 67-68 TSgt Sedalia, CO
Alleycat Controller 1939
(Mike designed the original Alleycat shoulder patch)
Klaehn, David C 79-82 1Lt-Major Palisades, ID
Weapons Controller/BSOO/BSOO SEFE 1947
Kunzweiler, Tim (K9) 90-94 Capt Tucson, AZ - Moving soon to Ellsworth, ME
Kyger, Charles 87 Smsgt Daleville, VA
AAC 1945
Kyles, Mac (Scanman) 76-78/80-86/94-96 SRA/Sgt/SSgt Cedartown, GA
AMT 1955 
Untitled Document


Langjoen, Pete 71-72 1Lt Minneapolis, MN
Alleycat Controller  1947 
Latham, Steve 87-93 MSgt Scottsdale, AZ
AMT 1961 
Lauderdale, Eric 86-89 Capt Fairfield, CA
Pilot 1961 
Larsh, Robert 70-71 Col Unknown
Moonbeam Orbit Commander    
Lasher, Arne 72-73 LtCol Unknown
Liermann, Andrew Mar95-Aug98 TSgt Robins AFB, GA
Airborne Close Air Support Coordinator 1960 
Littlefield, Steve May72 - May73 Sgt Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Cricket Intel 1952 
Lively, Bill 87-93/94-96 TSgt Robins AFB, GA
AIT 1956 
Logan, Lenval 97-99 SSgt Pentagon, Wash. D.C.
AIT 1966 
Loner, Jim (J-Bo) 80-94 MSgt Warner Robins, GA
Controller 1951 
Lowe, David D II Dec90-Jan01 SrA-SSgt GK NATO Airbase
Lozanski, John F Jun77-Jun79 TSgt/MSgt Dallas, TX
Flight Engineer Alleycat/Instructor/StanEval 1941
Lucero, Tony 71-72 Sgt Waterford, MI
Squadron Intel 1952
Lynch, Patrick 68-69 1Lt Pittsburgh, PA area
Hillsboro Intel 1943 
Untitled Document


MacAloon, F.G. (Mack) 83-86 Capt Northern VA
Strike Controller 1956 
Majdecki, Mark Apr83 - Jul90 SSgt Auburn, IN
Radio Operator 
Mamiya, Larry 73-74 SSgt Mililani Town, HI
Controller 1939 No Email - Found by Ken Witkin
Mann, Frank 72-73 Col Omaha, NE
Squadron Commander 1924 No email
Manning, Bob 72-73 TSgt Unknown
Martin, Don 72-73 TSgt Austin, TX
Crickey Crypto/TTY 1936
Martin, Mathias J. 71 Col Unknown
Alleycat Orbit Commander    
Matthews, Michael S. (Mike) 85 - 94 Capt / Major Hattiesburg, MS
AWC/BSOO 1946 
McAdory, H.C. 72-73 MSgt Unknown
McBee, Bobby E. 66-67 TSgt San Antonio, TX
Crypto Technician/Radio Operator
McCormick, (Mac) 69-70 TSgt Unknown
Alleycat TTY   Went to 6ACCS Langley after ABCCC
McEachern, Aubrey (Mac) 80-84 1Lt / Capt Melbourne, FL
AIO/SEFE 1955 
McKinney 68-69 Capt Unknown
Moonbeam Controller    
McNamara, Francis J. 70-71 Col Dayton, OH
Alleycat Orbit Commander 1923 No Email
McPhail, David 68-69 SSgt Fond du Lac, WI
Controller 1941
Meginnes, Mark A 94-00 MSgt-SMSgt Marana, AZ
Flight Engineer 1961
Menard, Dwight 71-72 Capt Shoreham, VT - Summer
Phitsanoulok, Thailand - winter
Moonbeam Controller 1940
Meyer, Bill 71079 1Lt Unknown
Alleycat Co-Pilot    
Meyler, Walter P. 68-69 Col Seabrook, TX
D/Ops 1923 
Miller, James K. 1971   Unknown
Alleycat AWC    
Miller, Sam 70-71 Major Unknown
Aircraft Commander    
Minter, Eddie 91-94 SSgt

Robins AFB, GA

Crew Chief (62-1791) 1963
Mitchell, Francis 80-87 MSgt Yorktown, VA
Supt of Operations 1950 
Molnar, Gus Jun93-Nov00 SSgt / TSgt Cookeville, TN
Radio Operator 1948 
Moody, Dennis 67-68 - 75-77 SSgt / TSgt Ocean Spring, MS
Flight Engineer - All Orbits 1940 
Moore, Douglas "D.K." 98-01 TSgt Tinker AFB, OK
Strike Controller: 2,3,4 1962
Morris, Bob  68-69 TSgt Kiln, MS
Cricket Controller  1937 
Mueller, Carl  Unk MSgt Departed shortly after Desert Storm - Lung Infection
Radio Operator

This info came from John Taggart

Mullins, Brad 93-95 TSgt Tinker AFB, OK
Strike Controller 1969 bradmullins@tinker.afmil 
Untitled Document


Nalepa, Rob   LtCol Unknown
Hillsboro Nav?    
Needham, Paul 68-69 TSgt Bellvue, NE
Life Support Specialist, Supply Clerk 1929 No Email account
Negroni, Hector 72-73 Major Vienna, VA
Alleycat Controller 1938
Nelson, Bill 1970 TSgt Ft. Worth, TX
Cricket RM  unk  Not Specified
Nesbitt, Jim 70-71 SMSgt Unkown
NCOIC, Sq Comm 1932  
Newby, Jim (Big Jim) 71-72 TSgt Unknown
Alleycat (?) Controller    
Newcomer 69-70 Maj Unknown
Moonbeam BSOO    
Newman, Gary Oct97-Mar02 Amn-SSgt Dyess AFB, TX
AMT 1977 
Nijem, William 68-69 Capt Valdosta, GA
Hillsboro Controller 1937 No Email Specified
Northcut, Donald 68-69? Sgt Unknown
Notson, Bruce 70-71 LtCol Anacortes, WA
Alleycat DABS 1931
Noury, Tom  Comments 81-85 SSgt Kennebunk, ME
Moonbeam AAC 
Untitled Document


Orths, Russ 94-00 SSgt-TSgt Forscom Joint Interoperability Division (Contractor)
AMT/Scanner 1959
Ortiz, Juan 68-69 MSgt Unknown
Radio Operator    
Ouimette, Bernie 72-73 1Lt Unknown
Owens, J.D. 86-88/91-92 Sgt - SSgt Ocean Springs, MS
Controller 1959 
Untitled Document


Pandolfo, Michael A. (Panda) - Bio 72-73 / 91-92 Capt / LtCol Pentagon, Wash D.C.
Moonbeam Intel / DABS 1946 
Parsons, Thomas E. (Tom) 88-92 Capt Biloxi, MS
Cricket AWC 1948 
Pate, Mike 72-73 Sgt Unknown
Alleycat Intel    
Payne, Jack 70-71 TSgt Unknown
Hillsboro (?) Controller   Loved to smoke big, smelly cigars
Pearce, Britt 70-71 SSgt Unknown
Crypto Operator      
Perna, Jerry 69-70 Capt Unknown
Moonbeam Controller     
Peterson, Charles P. (Pete) 85-92 LtCol Gulfport, MS
DABS 1940
Pettett, Mike 70-71 SSgt Tacoma, WA
Hillsboro Controller 1942 
Phillips, (Capt Flap) 70-71 1Lt / Capt Unknown
Moonbeam Intel    
Phillips, Tom 74-76 2Lt / 1Lt San Leandro, CA
Pilot 1949 
Pilko, James 69-70 SSgt Unknown
Hillsboro Intel     
Pledger, Linda  Sep91-Jun94 Capt Hurlburt Field, FL
AIO 1966 
Plumb, Ralph 68-69 2Lt/1Lt Unknown
Moonbeam Radio     
Plymale, Dennis 71-72 Sgt Unknown
Moonbeam Radio     
Poe, B.H. 97-01 Capt Kirtland AFB, NM
E/I AIO 1969
Pomeroy, Randy Jul70 - Jan72 Sgt Hendersonville, TN
Moonbeam Intel 1949 
Poole, Charlie 70-71 / 72-73 SSgt Biloxi, MS
Hillsboro Controller/Moonbeam Controller  1945 
Powell 68-69 1Lt Unknown
Moonbeam Controller    
Prater, Don 80-89 TSgt/SMSgt Orlando, FL
Moonbeam ASCO / Squadron ACSO SEFE 1949
Prenger 69-70 2Lt / 1 Lt Unknown
Moonbeam Intel    
Price, Don


Sgt Harrisburg, PA
ACST Moonbeam and Alleycat

Pritchet, David


1Lt Langley AFB, VA
Departed - early 70's, Heart Attack *
Moonbeam Intel

* This info came from Fred Apgar

Puchalski, Joe 69-70
Moonbeam TTY/Crypto  
Untitled Document


Quackenbush, Harvey E


Maj Litchfield Park, AZ

Untitled Document


Rasmussen, Dick


Sgt Unknown
Moonbeam Intel


Submitted by Dick Dunlap
Rauch, Raymond C.

Dec68 - Dec69

TSgt DeBary FL
Radio Maintenance

Read, J. Scott (Jimmy)


SSgt-MSgt Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
Senior Strike Controller

Reed, William


SSgt(?) Unknown
Hillsboro Intel


Repasch, Walter (Skip)


Sgt Lebanon, PA
Crew Chief

Reynolds, Robert D.


LtCol Norman, OK

Robbeloth, Ed

Jun68 - Dec 69

Sgt Ft Walton Beach, FL
Hillsboro Intel

Robert, Charles (Robbie)

Jul69 - Jul70

Sgt Tilton, NH
Cricket Intel

Roberts, Ralph

70-71 / 76-82

SSgt/TSgt/MSgt Medford, OR
AMT/Scanner - all orbits including Trump

Not Specified 
Roedel, Robert P. (Rob)


1Lt Germantown, MD
Cricket Controller

Robison, Donald 70-71 Colonel Schertz, TX
Alleycat Orbit Commander 1928
Robotham, Cliff


MSgt Unknown
Moonbeam Controller


Robinson, Christopher T.


MSgt Warner Robins, GA

Rodriguez, Ruben (Radar)


Sgt Corpus Christi, TX

Roddy, Ray


Sgt-SSgt Troy, AL
Crew Chief

Rogers, Chuck 74-75/80-82 Orlando, FL
Radio Operator 1945
Rogers, Kevin


Capt Langley AFB, VA 
SEFE Navigator

Rundell, John


LtCol Departed*

*This info came from Francis Mitchell

Russell, Mark



Ryon, Ted 68-69 SSgt Sacremento, CA
Alleycat RMT 1934
Untitled Document


Sams, W.W.   Colonel Departed
Hillsboro Orbit Commander   This info from Ken Witkin who spoke with Col Sams wife
Sanchez, Dan 86-90 2Lt / 1Lt / Capt Kadena AB, Japan
Navigator 1963 
Sanders, Jackson 68-69 Col Unknown
Cricket Orbit Commander    
Sanderson, Franklin (Sandy) 71-72 MSgt Panama City, FL
Moonbeam Controller 1937 No Email address
Saul, Cecil 67-69 MSgt Texas
Chief Radio Operator   Unknown
Scelsi, Anthony (The Letter Writer) 93-97 1Lt / Capt Melbourne, FL
AWD/BSOO Moonbeam, Alleycat, Cricket 1962 
Schack, Rod 94-97 Capt Colorado Springs, CO
Intel 1969 
Schappachar, Johnnie Gulf War unk unk
Moonbeam BSOO unk 
Schmidt, Robert H. 80-82/83-87 SSgt - MSgt Robins AFB, GA
AAC 1955 
Schreiber, Frank 00-02 Capt Offutt AFB, NE
AIO 1967 
Scott, Steven 71-72 Sgt Minnesota
Moonbeam Intel 
Secor, Tim Jul94 - Sep02 Sra - TSgt DMAFB, AZ
Sentico, Chris 70-71 TSgt Unknown
Radio Operator 1939  
Shorter, Charles (Chuck) 87-91 Capt Florence, MS
Alleycat WD 1948
Siniard, Mark J. 87-90 / 92-95 Major Atlanta, GA
Alleycat Controller/Cricket BSOO/Cricket CC for a couple of years  1948
Sisk, Bob 69-71 MSgt Emory, TX
NCOIC, Squadron Operations 1933 No Email
Skinner, Abbey May01 - Oct02 A1C MacDill AFB, FL
CSO 1982
Slagle, Jim 72-73 LtCol Gilbert, AZ
Alleycat DABS
Slinkman, Kevin May89 - Dec91 Capt Raleigh, NC
Strike Control 1961 
Smith, Steven (Animal) 84-88/90-01 SSgt/TSgt/MSgt Keesler AFB, MS
Controller, Trump Flight Mgt
Snell, Wally 69-70 SSgt Bryan, TX
Intel 1943 
Sommer, Hal 84-88 Lt/Capt Sun Prairie, WI
AWC 1958 
Sowers, Ben 69-70 MSgt Colorado Springs, CO
Departed - Early 90's *
Moonbeam Radio

* This info came from Ken Witkin

Sparkman, Ken 70-71 TSgt Unknown
Cricket Radio    
Sparks, Ken 82-85 / 88-93 TSgt Warner Robins, GA
AIT 1961 
Sparlin, John (Sparky) 80-83 2Lt / 1Lt Simi Valley, CA
Alleycat Strike Controller  1950 
Spear, Joe 72-73 SSgt Atlanta, GA
Capsule/Radio Maint - All Orgits 1948 
Speer, Robbie Jan80-Sep94 Sgt-TSgt Gulfport, MS
DOT (Training) Unk Not Specified
Stanitz, Jacques (Jim) 68-69 2Lt / 1Lt Massilon, OH
Alleycat Intel 1944? undetermined
Starnes, James R 68-69 Col Lutz, FL
Cricket Commander/Sq Commander 1924 No Email Address
Steinbraker, Bill 81-89 unk MacDill AFB, FL
Radio Operator 1960 
Stewart, Michael 84-89 SrA/SSgt Plano, TX
Radio Operator 1962 
Stewart, Ralph 70-71 1Lt Panama City Beach, FL
Hillsboro Controller 1944 
Stiltner, Scott 74-75 1Lt Sunnyside, WA
Pilot 1948 
Stoltz, Edwin 70-71 LtCol Peoria, AZ
Moonbeam DABS  Unk
Stone, Robert E. 75-78 Col Alex City, AL
Squadron Commander 1933
Stoops, William Oct80-Jul84 1Lt Clovis, NM
Weapons Controller (Instructor) 1957 
Storlie, Larry W 68-69 A1C Seattle
Ops Intel 1947 
Strock, Bob 70-71 SSgt Unknown
Radio Operator    
Sullivan, Mike (Mudslide) 82-84 MSgt Unknown - Atlanta maybe?
Alleycat Superintendent    
Szoka, Jim 72-73 1Lt Unknown
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Taggart, John M 79-80 - 84-93 SRA / TSgt Seale, AL
Communications  1953 
Tapscott, Wilbur 70-71 Col San Rafael, CA
Squadron Commander 1921
Tarrant, Ed 68-69 LtCol San Antonia, TX
Hillsboro Crew Commander 1933 No Email
Terry, Craig 84-86 / 90-95 SSgt Ft. McPherson, GA
Moonbeam AAC 1959 
Theodosakis, Dean 85-89 Capt Yorktown, VA
AIO 1959
Thoms, Gunther 68-69 2Lt-1Lt Unknown
Cricket Intel 1951  
Thurlow, David W. 85-90 / 92-94 MSgt Port Orange, FL
Alleycat/Cricket/Moonbeam AAC 1951 
Thurlow, Sharon (Benck) 88-91 SSgt Port Orange, FL
Flight Mgt - Trump 1953 
Toohey, BJ 83-85 SSgt Camarillo, CA
AIT 1957 
Torraca, Rock 89-98 Lt / Capt Hurlburt Field, FL
Navigator  1964 
Travers, Medford (Buck) 69-70 LtCol Woolford, MD
Hillsboro DABS 1932 No Email Address - one of the lucky ones!!!
Treaster, Mike 1970 SSgt Unknown
RM unk  
Trexel, Jonathan 86-89 TSgt Lincoln, NE
AIT 1961 
Trimble, Biff 70-71 Sgt Lawrenceville, GA
Hillsboro Intel 1948 
Trosclair, Ronald D. Apr86-Sep93 MSgt Biloxi, MS
Hillsboro Comm Tech, Stan/Eval 1952
Tsukamoto, Bob 68-69 TSgt Bellevue, NE
Radio Operator 1936 Not Specified
Turman, Chuck 91-98 A1C - SSgt Memphis, TN
Crew Chief 1967 
Turner, Claude 68-69 Colones Unknown
Hillsboro Commander    
Turpin, Joe 70-71 Captain Germany
Cricket Controller  1945 
Twomey, Thomas A 70-71   Departed
Pilot 1923 Confirmed by Ken Witkin
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Nothing to report      
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Valliere, Dave Jun99 - Aug03 Major Tinker AFB, OK
BSOO 1959 
Viars, Carl Nov77 - Jun81 SSgt Maxwell AFB, AL
Alleycat AAC (A27470) 1956
Vickers, Steve 68-69 Sgt Unknown
Cricket Intel   Submitted by Dick Dunlap
Voltz, David 78-82 SSgt-TSgt Williamsburg, VA
Moonbeam/Hillsboro (Stan/Eval) AAC
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Walls, Alfonso T. circa 77-78 TSgt Departed - Heart Attack while flying commercial air.*
* Info from John Taggart If you have additional info, please Email 
Walters, Robert 70-71 Colonel Departed - circa 1998
Hillsboro Commander This information came from Major General (Ret.) Hugh Cox III.
Ward, Clarence (Clancy) 71-72 Major Gold River, CA
Alleycat Navigator 1938
Warsop, Bradford Jan80 - Sep83 A1C-SSgt Hurlburt Field, FL
CSO - Radio Operator / TTY  1959 
Watkins, Donald E. 82-91 SSgt-MSgt Greenville SC
Cricket AAC/SEFE 1952  
Watson, Barry 89-93 TSgt Austin, TX
Moonbeam Radio 1957
Weatherly, Kimberly (Herd) 69-89 SSgt Newnan, GA
CSO 1963 
Webb, Walter E. (Jack Webb) 72-73 SSgt Unknown
Hillsboro Controller circa 1940's  
Welch, Jim 72-73 TSgt Unknown
Wenzel, Edwin 87-94 SSgt Austin, TX
ACST 1964
Werner, Robin L. Nov81-Jul84 SrA Atlanta, GA
Radio Operator 1959 
White, James (Buddah) 70-71 Capt Unknown
Moonbeam Controller  1946  
White, Ollie 70-71 SSgt Unknown
Wice, Reid (Ray) 71-73 TSgt Goldsboro, NC
Alleycat RO 1934
Willard, Debra 99-02 MSgt Langley AFB, VA
Radio Operator 1962
Winkler, Henry 68-69 Colonel Unknown
Squadron Commander    
Williams, Delbert A. 89-92 / 92-98 SSgt Melbourne, FL
Alleycat Intel AIT/SEFE 1964 
Williams, Derrick 68-69 1Lt Unknown
Hillsboro Controller    
Williams, Don (Whisky Willie) 70-71 TSgt Unknown
Williams, James R. 78 LtCol Unknown
Chief, Stan/Eval    
Williams, Joe 70-71 TSgt Utica, NY
Radio Operator 1938 Not Specified
Williams, Kent D. Jul95-Feb99 LtCol Maxwell AFB, AL
Operations Officer and Commander (Jan79-Feb99) 1954
Williams, Ricky 87-87 A1C-SrA Cheltenham, MD
Admin 1962
Wilson, Bert C. 77-80, 84-90 MSgt Palm Bay, FL
Alleycat Intel AIT 1949 
Winder, Bobby G. 68-69 SMSgt Rusk, TX
NCOIC, Squadron Operations 1930
Winston, Len 80-86 MSgt Okalahoma City, OK
Moonbeam/Cricket CSO 1950
Witkin, Ken Bio 70-71 TSgt Fort Washington, MD
Hillsboro Radio/Comm Team Chief  1938 
Wood, Branson L. Jr 70-71 Col Volente, TX
Sq DO / DABS 1923
Wooden, Donald G. (Woody) Jul72-Jul73 SSgt Agency, MO (near St. Joseph)
Squadron Intel with Hillsboro/Moonbeam 1937 
Wright, Robert  Aug69 - Jul 70 TSgt Vacaville, CA
Controller 1937 
Wyraz, Ed  Apr71 - Feb72 Capt Murrieta, CA 
Intel 1943 
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Nothing to report      
Untitled Document


Yacconi, John 70-71 SSgt Departed
Crypto Operator   Submitted by Ken Witkin
Yancy, Roger 72-73 SSgt/TSgt Washington D.C. (?)
Hillsboro Controller circa 1940's  
Youngblood, Tony 89-92 / 01-02 Sgt / TSgt Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
Alleycat Radio / Cricket Supe 1966 
Untitled Document


Zimmerman, Eric 94-96 Capt Kirtland AFB, NM
AIO 1969 
Zawislak, John 72-73 Sgt Unknown
Moonbeam Intel    


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